Master Investor

Master Investor 6.2.1

Business Portfolio Management Program

Master Investor 2000 (MI) is an essential tool for people who want to keep the information of their business organized. Master Investor 2000 provides portfolio management and technical analysis of stocks, options, mutual funds, cash accounts, assets and liabilities. The organized features of Master Investor 2000 provide you with a comprehensive view of all of your investment transactions, without missing out on any important information. Master Investor 2000 does not limit itself to just tracking your investments, it also tracks portfolios for IRA's, 401k's, brokerage accounts and other important information as well. You can create a report based on any combination of one or more portfolios. Master Investor 2000 can keep up to 999 portfolios, and provides technical analysis for keeping track of your potential investments by providing a visual analysis of price movements. Some of the technical indicators are moving averages, in-balance volume, stochastic oscillators, Wilder's RSI, polynomial trend analysis and correlation analysis, among others. Master Investor 2000 is an important tool for serious businessmen.